Gold’s Gym in Downtown Fort Walton Beach

Lord & Son performed a total interior demolition and reconstruction of an existing telecommunications office building to build this 10,000 SF one-story fitness facility with storage loft. All existing non-load bearing walls, finishes, electrical, plumbing, and interior HVAC were removed. All new interior walls were constructed, and new electrical was installed. Restrooms and showers were added, and the existing concrete slabs were saw-cut and removed so new plumbing could be roughed in as required. Interior finishes included high-impacts commercial epoxy flooring with integral base in all corridors, changing areas, restrooms, and showers. New plumbing lines, fixtures, and equipment were installed to meet the new requirements of the change of building use and layout. All new HVAC ductworks fans were installed to provide the necessary airflow and ventilation to many diverse areas. Cherry casework with granite countertops were installed in the administrative areas.

The existing stucco exterior was steam-cleaned, and all expansion and window frame joints were re-cauled to ensure a watertight envelope. Elastomeric paint was applied to all exterior surfaces to complete the exterior shell improvements. 

Extensive site development was included in the scope of the work. The compact site did not allow for traditional retention ponds for surface water run-off collection. To meet these needs, an under drain system was installed beneath the parking areas. Changes to Florida DOT right-of-way connections were requested by the owner as an addition to the original scope of the work.

Exceeded Owner’s Needs

The project was completed two months earlier than originally scheduled so the owner could meet the dealing for closing on the construction loan for the project. Failure to meet the deadline would have cost the owner tens of thousands of dollars in fees and interest payments.