About Us

Our Past

Founded in 1975 in Fort Walton Beach, Florida by Leven and Gail Lord, Lord & Son Construction has been a constant fixture in the Northwest Florida Construction Industry since it’s beginning. Originally a company with only three employees, Lord & Son focused on small construction projects for local military bases. From the beginning Lord & Son has sought to exceed every client’s expectations by delivering buildings of unwavering quality, on-time and on-budget. We believe in treating people the way we would like to be treated and this outlook has been the primary reason the local community has treated Lord & Son so well. Since its humble beginnings, Lord & Son has evolved to become a full service firm with over fifty employees capable of design/build and construction management services while serving everyone from private developers to restaurateurs to local and federal government.



Our Future

Lord & Son Construction constantly strives to stay on the cutting edge of construction practices, both in the actual construction of buildings as well as in the management of that construction. Whether it be implementing the use of modern construction materials or software to manage the construction progress, Lord & Son is always seeking to implement the most modern of technologies for the benefit of its clients. We remain steadfast to the core values that the company began with in 1975 while seeking to evolve our practices with the ever-changing construction landscape.